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Tangle Step-Out Cards


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These are the famous "Tangle Step-Out Cards"

Price for complete set: $150.00 (doesn't include shipping and handling)

Shipping and Handling Fee for Continental US is: $14.00

Complete set includes all 5 stacks of laminated cards which equals to a total of 1052 tangles

(all arranged alphabetically)

Read what Customers are saying about the Tangle Step-Out Cards

Cathy - Got the  package - I was overwhelmed by the size! WOW!  I am soooo happy - what a  wonderful reference & motivator to try new tangles!  Thank You So  Much!
-Renee L.

I got them today and  they are amazing! I love that they are laminated! Now I don’t have to  have a million binders full of paper. These are so easy to put into a  bag and take along with you to a class. Thank you for doing this. When  you have the year updated please let me know so I can keep my set  current.
-Leslee F.

I received my Tangle  Cards today and I LOVE them! They are gorgeous! I’m going to have so  much fun with these. I love the way you shade, so I’m looking forward to  learning advanced shading techniques with these cards. They are FAR  superior to step outs I’ve seen online. And there are so many patterns!
This  was quite an investment for me, but they are SO worth it. What a lot of  work must have gone into this collection. I’m so glad I ordered them!
You are terrific! Thank you again!
-Mary S.

Hi Cathy,
The  Tangle Cards arrived today. I love that they are all laminated! Now to  find some time to put them to good use! Thanks for making them!
-Linda L.

Hi Cathy-

I  received my tangle cards last night and WOW!! The quality is pristine.  They are so useful and tangles on both sides-what a plus. Your  organization and quality of these tangles is so superb. I started my own  notebooks to organize tangles and soon went on to something else. Now I  have your product and I’m soooo happy. Thank you for making this  available to this CZT. Happy Friday!
-Cindy W.

I received my  cards and they are awesome! I haven’t had a chance to use them yet but  plan to tonight:) I am very pleased. Thank you
-Judy B.